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Bog Orchids

Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)


Calopogon tuberosus (Grass-Pink)







A single, long (about 18 cm) , linear leaf arises from the base of an erect stem. Two to twelve flowers (each about 4 cm long) are arranged in a group towards the end of the stem. A bearded (Yellow or white hairs) lip (Labellum) emerges from the top of the flower. Sepals and petals are pink.



Platanthera blephariglottis (Orchid, White-Fringed)





The white-fringed orchid has an erect stem about 0.5 meters high. The leaves, situated toward the base of the stem, are lance-shaped. A cluster of white flowers is located at the top of the stem. Each flower has a fringed petal (Lip); 2 thin upper petals extend over the top of the lip and 2 white lateral sepals lie below the petals.



Pogonia ophioglossoides (Rose Pogonia) 






A single, erect stem about 25 cm tall arises from a horizontal rhizome. One, elliptical leaf, about 10 cm, long extends from the middle part of the stem. One pink flower extends from the tip of the stem. It consists of thin, pink sepals about 2 cm long; wider pink petals about the same length and a slightly longer tongue (Labellum) that is fringed with hairs. 



Arethusa bulbosa (Dragon’s Mouth)







A single, erect  stem, about 25 cm tall, arises from a horizontal rhizome. One purple flower extends from the tip of the stem. The pink lower lip (Labellum) (About 20 mm long and 12 mm wide) with its purple and white stripes has a ruffled edge. The center of the lower lip has three rows of yellow and white hairs (Bristles). Two purple petals form  a hood over the labellum while three purple sepals extend upward above the hood.




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